Dog Takes A Bus Alone Every Day Just To Go To The Park


A mix of black Labrador and Mastiff, the Eclipse is Seattle’s famous bus-riding dog. She is very popular with her other commuters because she regularly takes her own bus and knows exactly where her stop is. Her bus-riding adventure began one day at a bus stop when her owner, Jeff Young, took a long time to smoke.

When the bus arrived, Eclipse rode without him and landed in the park they were traveling with. Eclipse enjoys bus trips so much that she has since gone on a lonely trip to the park almost every day and later met her owner in the park.

This is Eclipse, a four-legged patron of the Seattle D-Bus.

She gets on the bus alone and knows exactly where her stop is.

She has a bus ticket on her collar and is getting off at Belltown Dog Park to meet the owner.

Her owner,took too long to smoke and couldn’t get on the first bus he met.It took him too long to smoke and he didn’t get on the first bus they came across.

However, Eclipse jumped in and got off the bus in the park.

And her solo bus riding adventure began. Since then, Jeff knew he could catch up with Eclipse at any time in the park.

Dogs can board King County buses at the discretion of the driver. After all, no one would be that smart

A solar eclipse is a good dog and does not harm others.

Drivers are always happy to offer a ride in Eclipse to make its daily commuters more beautiful.

Eclipse is a boon to King County and everyone loves its existence.