Flight Attendants Break Logs During Flight To Save Dog’s Life


Undoubtedly, dogs are our guardian angels and there are many stories of their heroic-life-saving-behavior. Nevertheless, even angels may need help. But when this little puppy needed help, two flight attendants stepped up and saved her life!

When Michelevert, her husband Stephen, and their three dogs boarded a JetBlue plane from Florida to Massachusetts, they traveled so many times that it should be a normal flight. According to the protocol, Bart put the dog in a carry bag under the seat. However, shortly after the start, Michele noticed that one of her dogs, Darcy (a beautiful French bulldog), had breathing problems.

Worried, Michele opens the Darcy Career door to check her. The woman knew she was acting against airline protocols, but her dog’s life was at stake.

“I noticed her tongue was blue and I know this is a sign of inadequate oxygen,” the woman explained later. “I pulled her out from under her seat and chilled it on her lap, allowing her to relax while her panicked and her desperate breathing.”

Flight attendant Renault Spencer didn’t know what was going on and the flight protocol was so strict in these situations that he first asked Michele to return the dog. However, she soon realized that it could be something serious, and she hurried to help, but not before warning her colleague Diane Usher.

The two women initially used some ice packs to cool Darcy, but they didn’t help. Then Renault, who also owns the French Bulldog, had a different idea. However, it goes against the protocol. But she was willing to take the risk to save the life of her poor dog.

“She (Renault) brought a small oxygen cylinder with a mask and offered it, saying,’Maybe this will help,’” Michelle said. “I think Renault and Diane saved lives. Darcy is a dog, so some people may lose the value of life. I’m not.”

The actions of the two flight attendants saved Darcy’s life, despite the fact that he violated the rules. After they landed and Darcy recovered completely, Michele decided to write a letter thanking these two very nice women. “I would like to thank JetBlue and thank Renault and Diane for their wonderful work!”

The company couldn’t be more proud of this situation. They even praised the two women for what they did! “Our mission is to inspire humanity and we are very proud of these talented crew members who have consistently demonstrated their passion for good customer service,” JetBlue said in a statement. I am.