The Stray Dog ​​Goes To The Restaurant Every Night To Get His Favorite Food


Every night, a lost puppy comes out of the restaurant chain door and waits patiently with hopeful eyes. She soon knows that one of the lovely subway employees will put on her gloves and prepare her special meal for free just for her. The adorable puppy never missed a visit all year round and was nicknamed “Subway Sally”.

Sally knows that you can get fresh food and water at a sandwich shop, but doesn’t hesitate to try other restaurants in the area. “If we’re late to serve her, she’ll cross the street to Taco Bell. Some comments point out that the subway Sally looks too pretty to the girls on the street, she said. I have a house, but it suggests that I’m sneaking out to get some goodies.

Rescue attempts have been made in the past, but Sally seems to always find a way to a restaurant. These guys in the restaurant are just great guys. There are many dogs living on the street looking for food, so it is our responsibility to think about them and do everything we can.